Something Wicked(ly) Cool This Way Comes…

The Yaya Han Collection of cosplay fabrics at Jo-Ann Stores is about to get a whole lot cooler... Starting in September, we are adding 26 brand new fabrics to the collection across 10 different categories!

While the initial collection launched in March focused heavily on stretch materials and across-the-board basics for cosplay designs, the new expansion line has a much more organic and lived-in feel. Lots of woven materials made from natural fibers. As we unveil the new line, you’ll see that many of them have a hand-made quality that makes them perfect for a broad range of characters — from medieval fantasy to sci-fi and everything in-between. 

There is a little something for everyone though. In addition to the distinctly desert-type fabrics, we’re also expanding on the popular Carbon Fiber of the first collection by offering it in three new colors — purple, red and white. We’re also adding to our brocades with new patterns and new colors that are even richer and are ideal for medieval, Renaissance and Game of Thrones style designs. We’re also introducing an amazing textured fabric with a raised hexagon pattern that will be right at home on modern superhero costumes…

But today we’re giving you a sneak peak of one of the fabrics that has generated the most excitement for everyone that has seen it.

Meet Desert Robe! It’s a heavy looking woven material that has an amazing weight and texture. It’s thick and it’s soft and it looks perfectly worn in. Despite looking heavy and draping beautifully, the material itself remains airy and is easy to work with. Most interestingly, the fabric is double sided, made from carefully chosen contrasting colors. We’re offering it in:

  • Brown and Ivory
  • Black and Red
  • Black and Ivory
  • and Gray and Ivory

So you have the choice of leaving the inside of your design raw and taking advantage of that contrasting color, or using a double thickness and making them both the same!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with… All four colors of the Desert Robe will be available at Jo-Ann Stores in just a few weeks. In the meantime, check out these photos and keep your eye out for details of the other new fabrics, both here and on social media.

Have an idea for how you’d use Desert Robe? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Cosplay Fabrics Desert Robe Brown/Ivory

Cosplay Fabrics Desert Robe Brown and Ivory

Cosplay Fabrics Desert Robe Gray and Ivory

Cosplay Fabrics Desert Robe Gray and Ivory

Cosplay Fabrics Desert Robe Black and Ivory

Cosplay Fabrics Desert Robe Black and Ivory

Cosplay Fabrics Desert Robe Black and Red

Cosplay Fabrics Desert Robe Black and Red

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  • Foxtail

    Had an opportunity to touch this fabric at NYCC. I love it so much I can’t wait for it, the red and black one would be amazing for my new costume. It is light and soft and looks fantastic! I hope this will be available soon, I want to order it to Lithuania.

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