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by Sean Burgess 17 May 2016 0 Comments

Cosplay Fabrics is excited to announce a new line of specialty fabrics that will make it even easier for creative cosplayers to realize their dreams. The lineup of new products, created in close partnership with cosplay luminary Yaya Han, includes fabrics that have, to date, been very difficult for do-it-yourself costume makers to find, let alone in a variety of colors and coatings. Best of all, the new line of cosplay fabrics will be available in Jo-Ann’s Fabric Stores nationwide this spring.

Until now, costumers interested in pushing the creativity of their designs to the next level had two choices — either make due with limited selections at local stores or shop online, which takes away the all important ability to touch and feel the material to make sure it’s the right fit for a given project. The new line of Cosplay Fabrics brings a whole range of specialty fabric options right to local Jo-Ann’s stores, where many cosplayers are already shopping — options that could only be found previously by traveling to fashion districts in New York City or Los Angeles.

The Cosplay Fabrics product lineup includes materials such as 4-way Stretch Spandex and 4-way Jumbo Spandex in a wide variety of colors and materials perfect for cosplay creations. Some of the unique coatings available on these stretch materials will be options such as foil and PU leather — perfect materials for creating the next superhero, science-fiction and fantasy characters. The line will also include elaborate brocade and coutil fabrics, perfect for popular Victorian and steampunk designs, as well as novelty fabrics for armor and more…

The entire selection of fabrics was developed in close concert with cosplay superstar, Yaya Han.   A name instantly recognizable to cosplayers and fans of superhero, anime and sci-fi conventions, Han is a professional costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer who has been active in the world of cosplay for more than 15 years. She was featured on TV in the SyFy network’s “Heroes of Cosplay” and served as a guest judge on two seasons of the TBS network’s “King of the Nerds” competition.

“This new line from Cosplay Fabrics represents a paradigm shift in the world of cosplay,” says Han. “Dressing up and creating your own fandom at events like Comic Con in San Diego and New York has really gone mainstream in the last few years. Now it will be even easier for everyone to make their own costumes and create their own fandom!”

The owners of Cosplay Fabrics, Charlene Walls and Jody Wiener, have been working together in the specialty fabric business for more than 20 years. Wiener, in particular, has fashion in his blood. His family has been in the fabric and fashion business in New York City for more than 100 years, spanning four generations. His daughter is fashion designer Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia.

“We’re so excited to bring this line of fabrics to market in a way that will be accessible for everyone,” says Wiener. “It’s even more exciting for us to see the creative ways people use our fabrics. The sky is the limit!”

Find out more about Cosplay Fabrics on their website at In addition to information about the product line, Walls and Wiener intend to make the site a clearinghouse for information useful to cosplayers about how to use their fabrics and a forum to share information about their own projects. 

The entire line of materials from Cosplay Fabrics will be available at Jo-Ann’s stores starting spring 2016. Cosplay Fabrics officially launched their new fabric line at New York Comic Con from October 8-11, 2015.

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