The Yaya Han Collection from

Created in close partnership with cosplay superstar Yaya Han, the Yaya Han Collection from introduces a whole range of specialty fabric options designed especially for cosplay! More than 70 fabrics in 15 different categories, the product lineup features:

  • 4-way stretch materials, many with fantastic coatings you won't find anywhere else like Liquid Leather and our own Ultrapreme
  • Beautiful brocades
  • Stretch leathers and suedes
  • Fabrics for corsetry
  • Unique specialty materials like our Cosplay Carbon Fiber, Military Faux Leathers and Low Stretch Pleather

In the past, cosplayers had to shop in specialty stores or in fashion districts in New York or Los Angeles. But now brings them right to your doorstep. Shop online anywhere in the world and select from the highest quality fabrics, designed especially for cosplayers.

Shop the entire collection today!

19 products

19 products