Yaya Han Collection Ombre Stretch

There is a definite trend of characters having gradients as part of their costumes, so we knew the Yaya Han Ombre Spandex was a must for the Spring 2017 collection. Ombre Spandex is perfect for form-fitting designs, bodysuits or leggings, as well as added details on costumes. The gradients and colors make it a super versatile fabric, so it’s excellent for a variety of genres and series like fantasy costumes, Overwatch, Sakizou, lolita, No Flutter, Pokemon, anime or Disney characters. 

Yaya points out that the quality of the material is wonderful whether you choose to take advantage of the stretch or not. It drapes beautifully too, making it perfect for fashion designs like blouses or skirts! You can even get away without hemming it, if your design calls for it, because the material won’t fray easily.

The Yaya Han Ombre Spandex is available in five different color combinations — Red/Orange/Yellow, Black/Burgundy/Purple, Black/Burgundy/Red, Green/Turquoise/Yellow and Navy/Blue/Light Blue. The fabric is 92% polyester/8% Spandex. 

The fabric has a width of 60” and a GSM of 165. We recommend hand washing separately in cold water with no bleach. Line dry. Gentle steaming is fine, but always test carefully in a small area.

All fabrics on CosplayFabrics.com are sold by the yard.

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