Yaya Han Collection Dual Fantasy Dupioni


Dupioni has always been the quintessential elegant fabric, so we wanted to include a Dupioni in the Yaya Han Collection… with one added captivating feature; dual tone! The texture and color combinations create a spellbinding effect that will add a stunning look to any cosplay. 

Dual Fantasy Dupioni from the Yaya Han Collection is perfect for fantasy costumes, steampunk, Medieval/Renaissance Faire, elegant designs, dresses, vests, capes, bustles, corsets, and period pieces. 

The Yaya Han Dual Fantasy Dupioni is available in seven different color combinations — White/Gold, Emerald/Gold, Fuchsia/Green, Yellow/Gold, Purple/Green, Black/Gold and Madura Red/Gold. The fabric is 50% polyester/50% Nylon. 

Our Dual Fantasy Dupioni fabric has a width of 54”. We recommend hand washing separately in cold water with no bleach. Line dry. Gentle steaming is fine, but always test carefully in a small area.

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