Yaya Han Collection Desert Robe

The fabrics we included with our initial release of the Yaya Han Collection focused primarily on basic materials we felt were underserved in the cosplay community - lots of 4-way stretch materials and fabrics with special coatings. Now that we’ve had a chance to expand the line, one of our primary goals was to address another niche area for cosplayers — woven materials that have a much more organic, handmade feel. We call these fabrics our Desert Collection.

Perhaps most important in the lineup is our Yaya Han Desert Robe. This amazing material has the look and feel of a heavy of a heavy cloak that was made by hand from natural materials and has already seen a bit of wear and action. It’s the perfect material for cosplay designs for Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Medieval designs… really anything with a desert or historical flavor that requires a lived-in look.

Most exciting is that all the Desert Robe fabrics are all two toned, made in contrasting colors that give you lots of flexibility to use either color, or to use it in an application where it appears you have both a lining and facing material. 

Yaya Han Desert Robe is available in:

  • Brown and Ivory
  • Black and Red
  • Black and Ivory
  • and Gray and Ivory  

Desert Robe is 76% Cotton, 11% Rayon and 16% Linen. The material is 55” wide and has a 278 GSM. Our recommendation for care is to hand wash separately in cold water, using no bleach. Line dry avoiding hot irons, only steaming gently to remove unwanted wrinkles.

All fabrics on CosplayFabrics.com are sold by the yard.

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