Yaya Han Collection Cosplay Liquid Leather


Super-coated 4-way stretch material displays an amazingly high-gloss finish that stretches as far as the fabric will give without any damage, and then snaps right back to it’s original form. The Liquid Leathers in the Cosplay Fabrics by Yaya Han collection are perfect for superhero, video game, or anime costumes that require a liquid latex or wet leather look!

Forget what you’ve learned using stretch vinyls in the past. We take a durable base and apply the coating in micro thin layers so the coating is as durable as the fabric. We’ve subjected it to incredible stress tests and the coating doesn’t crack, separate or even leave stress marks. We designed it to be easy to work with and durable enough to hold up to day-long cosplay adventures.

Featuring a mix of 80% polyester, 4% Spandex and 16% PU. All 4 color choices have a fabric weight of 220 GSM. Fabric width is 54". The fabric is available in Red, White, Black and Royal Blue.

All fabrics on CosplayFabrics.com are sold by the yard.

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