Coated Black Apprentice Weave


For more than a year, since we originally began offering our Black Apprentice Weave fabric, we have been working on the best way to add the perfect finishing touch — the correct surface coating.

Well… we’ve finally done it! 

Already known for it’s superb accuracy and quality, our Coated Black Apprentice Weave material now features an industrial surface coating which accurately recreates the screen-used fabric, providing just enough of a sheen to help highlight the basketweave material’s beautiful texture. We’ve gone to great lengths, still working with Luke Daley and =JJ= Industries, to research the production of the original material and experimented with several possible methods before selecting the method we believe is both correct and beautiful. 

Star Wars costumers striving for the perfect look have been taking our fabric and applying a variety of DIY methods to achieve the coated look. That’s no longer necessary. And, since the coating is industrially applied, it’s even and durable. With proper care, it should never wear off and have to be reapplied. 

This fabric, with the special coating, is the latest iteration (Version 3) of Luke's black basketweave material. The fabric is custom woven to exacting standards to make it as accurate as possible. It's perfect for creating your cape, cowl, hood & outer robe.

The details of the Coated Black Apprentice Weave are as follows:

  • 100% black cotton
  • Top surface is industrially coated to add sheen to the high points of basketweave pattern
  • 2/2 weave (2 warp/2 weft) with a stabilizing layer
  • 150 centimeter width
  • Weight is 535 grams per running yard

When Luke announced his collaboration with us to continue developing and distributing the basketweave fabric, he said:

"You all know this project has been my baby, so I’m remaining involved with the design to continue tweaking it as more details become available. They’re as determined as I am to make sure the fabric is as high quality and accurate as possible. Working with the company has also allowed me to tap into their expertise concerning textiles, so there will be some exciting improvements."

This version of the Black Apprentice Weave fabric is being sold by the yard. Once you click "Add To Cart," you must select the number of yards you need for your application before proceeding to checkout.