About Us


CosplayFabrics.com was founded by two specialty fabric & fashion veterans who recognized the need for cosplay designers to have a large selection of unique fabrics right where they already shop. The entire company is committed to making the best product possible for the cosplay community and to make it as accessible as possible. We are working closely with cosplayers (and even have cosplayers on our team!) to help select fabrics that fit the bill in terms of having:

  • Just the right look
  • Excellent quality
  • Wide selection of colors
  • And details cosplayers expect like 4-way stretch, durability, comfort and amazing finishes


The creators of CosplayFabrics.com have decades of experience in the fabric & fashion industries and have put that knowledge to developing a line of fabrics that have, traditionally, been hard for cosplay creators to find.


The Yaya Han fabric collection, launched in the Spring of 2016 and is available in the United States and parts of Canada exclusively at Jo-Ann Stores.

Our partnership with the largest fabric supplier in the United States has been the key to accessibility for cosplayers throughout the United States, but this was just the beginning. In 2018, other essential products were added to the collection including trims, accessories and EVA foam.

With each convention, we listened, we observed, and we learned. Ultimately, we knew we had to take these hard to find materials to other cosplayers outside the United States. So, in 2017, the Yaya collection was added to the largest craft chain in Australia called, Spotlight.

Now, we are bringing these specialty fabrics to you. Our community. We are here. Still listening, still observing and wanting to learn, so drop us a note if you have an idea or can’t find a material.

What's Coming Up?

Homespun Silk/Cotton Woven Khadi MaterialWe started CosplayFabrics.com with one goal — to make high-quality and hard-to-find fabrics readily available to cosplayers everywhere. We achieved that goal with the introduction of our Yaya Han Collection, 77 fabrics across 16 categories developed in collaboration with superstar cosplayer Yaya Han, which are all available at Jo-Ann Stores throughout the United States and parts of Canada and online at joann.com.

Response to the initial collection has been fantastic, so we are already hard at work expanding the line! Even more amazing cosplay fabrics are on their way to Jo-Ann Stores, plus we are focusing on even more unique elite fabrics that will be available exclusively via this website. 

We are launching our online store with the amazing Black Apprentice Weave fabric, which is highly anticipated. In just a few weeks, we will be adding more genre-specific fabrics in the way of hand-spun silk fabrics woven in India. These fabrics show up all the time in movies and television for characters that need to have an organic earthy quality.

In the coming months, we will be expanding CosplayFabrics.com's online store to better service international customers and make cosplay fabrics available around the globe!