Yaya Han Collection Scuba Hex


Adding yet another truly unique fabric to our list of offerings for cosplayers, we are excited to announce the Yaya Han Collection Scuba Hex!

Scuba Hex is a unique 3-dimensional material made from a scuba knit. The hexagonal design is recessed into the surface of the fabric, allowing for an incredible textured look — excellent on its own, or mixed in with solid fabrics to provide contrast. Scuba hex is not technically a stretch material, but it does have a fair amount of give, particularly across the width of the fabric.

Scuba Hex from the Yaya Han Collection is available in both White and Black. The fabric is 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex. It has a fabric width of 59” and a GSM of 310.

All fabrics on CosplayFabrics.com are sold by the yard.

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